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Pacific Rim Natural Foods created the Radical Organics brand as a vehicle for our passion for creating products that actively promote the health of our customers while still tasting delicious.

Each detail from the decision about what products to make to the recipes to the packaging is examined in minute detail to bring only the best products to market: Organic Toasted Coconut Chips and Organic Virgin Coconut Oil. Sometimes this process takes years to get right because we will not accept anything that does not measure up to what we would give our own families.

Established in 2012. Pacific Rim Natural Foods is an innovator in the healthful products category. We specialize in coconut products including organic coconut chips and organic virgin coconut oil with several new products under development.

We are based in The Philippines, a leading producer of coconut, where over 15.3 billion nuts are grown annually. Because of this, we have an in-depth knowledge of coconuts. From the tree to the finished product.

Our passion for doing things better extends to more than just technology. We source all of our coconuts from Fair-Trade producers and pay our own employees more than 50% above the market rate.

We strive not to just make a difference both in the products we make and how we make them.

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Innovative Products

We use the latest research to create truly health promoting products

Superb Logistics

Our experienced supply chain team gets the product you for the right price

Efficient Manufacturing

We innovate new ways to improve our products without preservatives

Corporate Social Responsibility

Treating our team and partners fairly is a core part of who we are

After-Sales Service

We build healthy, working relationships by constantly engaging with our clients and partners


Our commitment to world class quality is strengthened by our global presence

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Phone: +63 2 800-0487
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Pacific Rim Natural Foods
Level 10-1 Fort Legend Tower,
31st and 3rd Avenue
Bonifacio Global City,Taguig
Metro Manila, Philippines


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